Dental Tourism in Turkey



Dental tourism in Turkey has emerged as a global phenomenon, attracting millions of individuals annually, boasting an impressive average growth rate of 15%.

Countries with high satisfaction rates experience accelerated growth in dental tourism, with Turkey exemplifying this trend. Turkey witnessed a notable increase in dental tourists, from 90,000 in 2020 to approximately 135,000 in 2021, surging to over 200,000 by 2022.

In nations where dental tourism thrives, dentists cater to patients with similar aesthetic expectations, providing a more enriched experience compared to their counterparts in other countries.

What is Known as Health Tourism?

Health tourism typically involves taking advantage of cost savings for treatments in different countries. However, the advantages of health tourism go beyond mere financial benefits. One significant reason for the popularity of medical tourism is the opportunity for patients to blend treatment with leisure activities, effectively turning their healthcare journey into a vacation. However, it’s important to note that only select countries and cities can seamlessly provide both treatment and vacation opportunities at the same time.

Why is Health Tourism Popular?

Escalating costs and extended wait times in developed nations have prompted individuals to search for more accessible alternatives. Furthermore, health tourism offers the advantage of better meeting patients’ expectations.

For example, a dentist in a developed country might lack specialization in various smile designs or possess insufficient experience, despite charging exorbitant fees.

However, by opting for dental tourism, the same patient can discover numerous experienced dentists capable of delivering quality treatment at significantly lower costs. Moreover, due to treating patients with similar expectations, these dentists are better aligned with the patient’s desires and preferences.

Which Areas are Most Preferred in Medical Tourism?

The most sought-after treatments in health tourism encompass aesthetic, health, and massage therapies.

Certain countries entice medical tourists by virtue of their advanced educational systems and technological infrastructure.

However, in some nations, medical tourism has flourished selectively, focusing on specific areas to maximize the benefits of health tourism. Regardless of the chosen destination for health tourism, it’s imperative to ensure that the country boasts a robust educational framework. After all, the presence of quality physicians is impossible without a solid foundation in education.

Dental Tourism is on the Rise

The proliferation of social media and the ease of transportation have catalyzed a significant surge in dental tourism globally. Moreover, intense competition among clinics specializing in this field has further fueled its growth. Consequently, dental tourism facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and staffed by seasoned dentists.

Patient satisfaction serves as a testament to the success of dental tourism, evident through the positive feedback shared on social media platforms. Despite occasional instances of subpar treatment, the overall satisfaction rate among patients remains notably high.

Why is it cheaper to get Dental Treatment Abroad?

In general, dental treatment tends to be more affordable in certain countries owing to lower labor costs and overall expenses. Fees for dental treatments are typically determined by the dentist and laboratory technicians.

The cost of materials relative to the overall treatment expense is significantly low. Despite requiring minimal materials, orthodontic procedures often remain relatively expensive. The prevalence of dental tourism in certain countries contributes to a higher volume of patients receiving dental treatments, further driving down the overall cost of dental care.

What are the benefits of Medical Tourism?

Visiting a foreign country for dental treatment may include the following benefits;

No Hidden Cost

In regions with steep prices, undisclosed fees can pose significant challenges. For instance, a $5,000 veneer treatment could easily double in cost if additional procedures like gingival aesthetics, gum graft treatments, or orthodontic interventions are required.

Contrastingly, medical tourism offers transparent pricing structures, sparing patients from unexpected expenses. Many clinics waive fees for consultations and intraoral scans. Moreover, minor aesthetic and orthodontic treatments typically range from $200 to $400 on average, ensuring minimal fluctuations in initial fees.

Save Money

Dental tourism is predominantly favored due to its affordability. It enables individuals to access top-quality treatment at a reduced cost compared to their home countries.


Patients are frequently provided with a written warranty by dental clinics as part of their service offerings. Moreover, clinics typically agree to cover a specified amount for minor issues that may not warrant the expense of travel. It’s crucial for patients to discuss these terms with their chosen clinic before undergoing treatment to ascertain which issues will be eligible for refunds.

Vacation and Health

Vacation options within health tourism are limited to select cities. Notably, Turkey’s Izmir stand out as premier destinations in Europe, offering both idyllic holiday experiences and state-of-the-art dental facilities. However, in cities like Budapest and Istanbul, where dental tourism is thriving, the possibility of enjoying a sunny beach vacation is not as readily available.

Is Dental Tourism Safe?

Over the past decade, dental tourism has experienced exponential growth, presenting countries with a lucrative billion-dollar tourism opportunity. Governments have implemented comprehensive security measures to capitalize on this trend. Take Los Algodones, for example, where despite Mexico’s underdeveloped security infrastructure, the government ensures a safe treatment environment for patients.

Where is the best Destination for Dental Tourism in Turkey?

Turkey’s top-notch dental tourism facilities are primarily concentrated in Izmir, the largest tourist city not only in Turkey but also in Europe. Situated along the picturesque Mediterranean coastline in southern Turkey, Izmir offers an ideal setting for comfortable and convenient dental treatment experiences.

Given its strategic location and excellent amenities, many of Turkey’s premier dental clinics choose Izmir as their base, ensuring patients receive top-quality care in a relaxed environment. Moreover, travelers considering dental travel to Turkey will find numerous direct flight options to Izmir from various European cities, further simplifying their journey.

Accommodation and Transfer Services

In dental tourism, accommodations and transfers are commonly bundled with dental treatments for added convenience. At Dente Dental, our dedicated team is pleased to offer comprehensive services encompassing both accommodation arrangements and transportation logistics as part of your dental treatment package. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities throughout your dental tourism experience.

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